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The Offshore Service Ltd Website is organised into areas directed to particular countries in which members of the - provide investment services and to particular audiences, such as investment advisers and existing or potential customers for particular investment products or services of the Offshore Service Ltd. All users should only access information relevant to themselves through the appropriate part of the website. Private investors will find the regulatory disclosures and information and warnings appropriate to themselves in the private investor areas of the website.

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Summary Information regarding - s Conflict of Interest Policy

The - provides a wide range of investment services. As such, the - , its associates and companies within the - may from time to time have interests which conflict with clients interests or with duties owed to clients.

We are committed to fair dealing and integrity in everything that we do. If we do not act in our clients best interests, we run the risk that our clients will go elsewhere. Consequently our interests are closely aligned to that of our clients.

Conflicts of interest may arise where the corporate, commercial, personal interests or loyalties of the - companies within the - shareholders, senior management or employees on the one hand conflict with the interests of clients on the other or, where the interests of one client conflicts with the interests of another client.

We have established procedures designed to identify, mitigate and manage any such conflicts. These include organisational and administrative arrangements and controls designed to safeguard the interests of clients.

In some instances, our procedures and controls may not be sufficient to ensure that a potential conflict of interest does not damage a clients interests. In these circumstances, we may consider it appropriate to disclose the potential conflict to the client. We may also decline to act in any circumstance where there is a residual risk of damage to the interests of any client.







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